Luxury Living starting AED 1375 per sqft

Luxury Living starting AED 1375 per sqft

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DAMAC Properties Dubai

Damac Aykon Heights

  • Lounge and leisure experience
  • Apartments starting from AED 1,375 per sqft
  • Located in the heart of the city

AYKON Heights: An AYKONic Living Experience!

When it comes to luxury real estate market in the Middle East, DAMAC is a well-known name. And they have made luxurious living iconic with AYKON Heights. This property rises amongst the other skyscrapers of Dubai along the Sheikh Zayed Road.

The well-furnished luxury apartments feature magnificent urban design with lush interiors and a high-end finishing. The infrastructure of AYKON Heights is designed to bring both comfort and luxury to the residents. Besides the grandeur, the prime location of AYKON City allows the residents an easy access to the other parts of the city.

Why Should I Invest in Dubai?

The answer to this lies in the following.

  • Minimum government control, diverse economic policies, FDI, etc. make the Emirate of Dubai investor-friendly.
  • The Emirate of Dubai is amongst the world’s popular tourist destinations and its concrete beauty is a major attraction.
  • Dubai residents have the benefit of being free from income tax. Moreover, the investors do not have to bear VAT on residential properties.
  • Expo 2020, the most-awaited event in Dubai, attracts business visitors and tourists in the count of millions.
  • Since it is at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe, the city allows convenient access to many emerging markets of the world.
  • From being oil-dependent to being a service-based economy, Dubai has been successful in diversification and hence, offers stability and security to the investors.
  • The fast-growing telecommunications, transport, and real estate industries make Dubai a lucrative option for both national and international investors.

The bottom line is, with AYKON Heights, DAMAC Properties has made your real estate expectations real.